Who We Are

Modus Operandi

Bracari believes that it's fun to do hard things. We believe in dream teams, leaning in to big challenges, and being good people. We are visionaries and problem solvers, using engineering and software to make our world more secure, people's jobs easier and their lives better.

Core values and culture

Bracari is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower communities and shape the future. Through commitment, integrity, and collaboration, we continuously strive for excellence, aiming to exceed expectations and create lasting value for our stakeholders and society.

Proceed until apprehended

Don’t be afraid to step out; do the right thing.
  • Be fearless; embrace failure, but fail fast and get back up.
  • Speak hard truths, we need to hear them.
  • You are empowered to make decisions; act like it.

Just do the darn thing

We are magic makers, make it so, no excuses.
  • Take ownership of the problem / have accountability.
  • If it needs to be done, do it.
  • Approach everything with a problem solving mentality.
  • Bridge the gap - “I did my part” doesn’t matter. Deliver the business value for the customer or it’s a failure.
  • Run towards the fire, not from it. And be calm, cool and collected when fighting fires.

Bring the ice cream sandwiches

Meeting expectations is a given. Don’t show up and just deliver what’s expected, we are going to bring the ice cream sandwiches. Take customer delight to the next level.
  • Outcome over output.
  • Make people thrilled to see us on the job.
  • Team over individual.

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