Case Study



Bringing lag-free video of a once-in-a-lifetime event to over 7,000,000 people.


In August 2017, the NASA Grant Program planned to launch 55 weather balloons that would float up to the atmosphere to livestream the eclipse and record the curvature of the earth while the sun and moon crossed paths during the total solar eclipse in August 2017.

Scope of work

NASA needed a solution that would allow their balloons to live stream the event uninterrupted and in high quality to multiple media endpoints.

  • Technical solution to live stream from a moving target at 100,000 ft
  • Support for 50+ feeds going to multiple digital properties
  • A custom site capable of delivering live video
    content automatically
  • Real time curation for sending selected live feeds to
  • An auto-scaling infrastructure that supported 7M+ viewers


Bracari worked with Stream Live, Inc. to develop, launch and sustain a full-stack live video streaming solution with near zero lag from space! Over 7 million people were viewing the live streams of the weather balloons floating up to the atmosphere, without suffering any lag or uptime issues. NASA also enjoyed the benefit of the joint site going viral with media coverage and acclaim.