Case Study


Microsoft DTA FY20

Bringing audience interactivity seamlessly into presentations at the FY2020 Microsoft DTA Conference.


In 2019 our application development team worked together with PMK•BNC to help Microsoft provide a gamified experience to presentations delivered at the DTA Conference FY20, held at the MGM Conference Center in Microsoft  Las Vegas, Nevada. The team constructed a second screen solution that allowed Microsoft to engage their audience over 3 days using a custom-branded game application, integrated with PowerPoint, with a different theme for each day.  

Scope of work

During the course of the 3 day conference, attendees were incentivized to download a custom-branded interactive application on their mobile device.  

During each presentation, the presenter requested the attendees to join the experience on their device and a series of questions would be asked relative to the content in the presentation.  Winning participants were rewarded with prize drawings which provided a nice “give-back” as well as an interactive “fun” element.

A second screen experience was also activated during the game portion of the presentations.  This was used to display question and answer scoreboards as well as leaderboards containing the usernames of the players in the session and ultimately the winner.  This was a strong complement to the group experience for each individual playing on a mobile device.  The on-screen portion was directly embedded in PowerPoint slides, allowing for seamless integration into the presenter’s experience.

An external team was quickly trained in essential hardware and software solutions (including our management software) to make sure that all games ran smoothly and easily throughout the day.


  • 42 total sessions over 2 days
  • Fully functional SDK for future scaleable use
  • 2,070 players
  • 6,425 game interactions
  • 13 Games at one time in 13 different rooms, each on a different topic
  • 2,180+ downloads; 95%+ of installs came from event media, signage, and in-session presenter encouragement
  • #2 trending on Google Play store during conference
  • 42 prizes awarded